UAB “Skandeka” was founded in 2001. Its main activity is international cargo transportation.
In the beginning of 2007, the fleet comprised 22 vehicles, among them - 18 trucks. Seventy per cent of vehicles have been in service for 2-3 years, whereas thirty per cent – for more than 3 years.

The fleet is comprised of :

a) semi-trailers of 13.6 meters (from 86 to 104 m3), the average height of which varies from 2.7 to 3m.
b) refrigerators
c) vehicles intended for transportation of hazardous cargo
d) spacious truck trains

All the vehicles are fitted out with equipment that allows transporting the cargo in Norway in wintertime.

Mostly, we carry the cargoes in the following directions:
a) Lithuania, Latvia - Norway, Sweden
b) Norway , Sweden - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Romania, the Ukraine, Czechia.

In Norway, we mostly work in Alesund region as well as reach Trodheim, Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger.
Our advantage is prompt delivery of cargoes (delivery from Lithuania to Alesund region in Norway lasts 4 days).
Moreover, we complement small cargoes and have our own freight terminal.